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snow bulletin board雪の掲示板

170111 Tengupara

投稿者 Banwell Damian
日付 170111 投稿時刻 20:00
山岳 Tengupara 場所 Tengupara
天気 X
強度:M 8-11m/s 風向:SW
降水・降雪 種類:S (雪) 強度:S2 2cm
雪崩などの観測 1800m40cm HST 4F-1F over 0109 SC. South aspect1227MFcr down 110cm. No result on compression test
積雪構造 None. With very limited terrain travelled and visibility.Reliable reports of long shooting cracks on steep test slopes at 2000m in areas of windslab accumulation.
留意点・コメント Wind was strong on exposed ridge crests and above 2100m

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